We can agree that we all make mistakes. In fact, we all have things we are not that proud of. But what would we get from dwelling on the past? We will never be able to change it, and we might be forever stuck in it while we are no longer there.

So why don’t we just stop regretting whatever we did, or whatever happened to us. Why don’t we accept that it might even help in our personal growth?

Our society forces on us many regrets that we should shake off. If a girl held her boyfriend’s hand, it would be like she lost her virginity! Even if she lost her virginity, yes it’s against the religious teachings and the cultural norms, but so it happened. Yes, it’s wrong, but sometimes it happens despite how hard it might be to face it. We all sin differently. Plus why does the poor girl have to deal with it and the guy it’s like he won a championship! Isn’t it bad enough that she will have to live with society’s “looks” for the rest of her life? So girl, give yourself a break and stop regretting it! It happenED, that’s a past tense and it should stay in the past.

Even if the girl comes from a background where it’s okay to make out or whatever, as soon as she breaks up with the guy or vise versa she will regret doing whatever she did, especially if she met another person, whom she thinks is much better. Where will regret lead her that would be considered a step forward? NOWHERE.

Some people regret getting married at an early age, or after being pressured. Others regret having kids as soon as they are married. Some others regret having ex’s, or not marrying their ex’s! Why do we always have to live with regret? So what you got drunk and messaged your ex telling her how much you missed her, or even how much of a b**** she was to you.

Don’t regret giving someone a second chance, and having them hurt you again! Don’t regret doing drugs if you are withdrawing now! Stop regretting giving that kiss to the guy who played you, and you guys quit regretting giving your heart to the woman who never deserved it!

Regrets only hold you as hostage for the past, keeping you from living your present, and dreaming about your future. If it’s in the past, keep it there. Don’t bring it with you to the present! Your past; you should either learn from it, or walk past it, but don’t ever be stuck in it!