In this Coronavirus-controlled world, we’re all trying to stay in, as much as possible. And while we mostly have the luxury of online-ordering, we still have to go out and fetch some basic needs and goods. Would you like to take a wild guess at the most prominent of those needs? Yes, WATER!

Folks at Nestlé Waters decided to make our lives a tad easier, no actually A LOT easier, and provide a charge-free delivery service on their small format of still and sparkling water products. A decision, so thoughtfully, made to keep their clients well hydrated at the safety of their own homes. 

If you’re a resident of New Cairo, today’s your lucky day! You know the days when you had to rush out to the supermarket because you ran out of water? We can safely say, you can kiss them goodbye now.

Thanks to Nestlé Pure Life, you can now take that responsibility off your shoulders as they plan to cover the New Cairo area with their latest free-delivery water service.

And if you’re worried that ordering your water online might be a hassle, don’t. They made sure the service is super easy, fast and accessible. All you have to do is pick up your phone, place an order through the hotline (19800), or the WhatsApp number (01101019800) and that’s it!

Did we mention how the delivery service also includes both Nestlé Pure life flavored and plain sparkling water? So, what are you waiting for? Is a zero calorie and zero sugar cold beverage too healthy for you? We think not!

And just in case you’re a health fanatic who’s into refreshing recipes, you’re in extra luck, for sure. Visit Nestlé Pure Life on Facebook or Instagram and you’re a click away from an interesting range of easy recipes on their recipes’ carousel! 

Stay safe and hydrated, everyone!