By: Dahab Elkady

Sick of getting your car damaged on a daily basis because of the countless road bumps? A group of Engineering students in Menoufia University tried to find a quick fix for these obstacles and came up with the Matab application. Here is a brief of everything!


‘Matab’ is a mobile application that will be launched soon on Android and IOS. It would notify the driver to watch out for the upcoming road bumps within the next 200 meters; this would guarantee all users a safe drive to their destinations.

The app is a user-generated-data mobile application that everyone can access to warn someone else about a road bump they just took with their car. Soon enough, there will be no need to add any bumps in the upcoming updates for the app. The programmers will just take care of it. The application’s features mainly focus on time accuracy. Once a driver adds a bump, it automatically appears to the next driver for caution.

The application would expectantly include another great feature too which is “Road Assist”. We could all face problems with a flat tire or a dead battery, the application will provide assistance.

How does the application work? It’s simple. The driver adds his destination like on google maps and instead of finding the fastest route, a turn by turn navigation will be on and before every bump, a voice over alert will give the driver a heads up!

How could this be useful? Well, it would be so beneficial as one of the main reasons why we hate driving in Egypt is because of the road bumps and cracks, so eventually, an app that warns you about these obstacles would be so helpful to keep your car as safe as possible.

The application will hopefully be launched soon, after conducting all the needed tests. They will give an early access for everyone to add the road bumps they have noticed before the release. Make sure you take note of all the road bumps you face these days; we will all be needing it in the app launching soon. Drive safe!