How many of you get a friend request from two cows??? Well we did and guess what, turns out they are called ‘Sawsan and Souad’. To add irony to that we had 18 common friends ☺

sawsan we soad

Two cool cows that have a facebook account, have actual friends we know, cool interactive and actually funny.


Scrolling down their time line you discover they are, the not so forgotten Labanita cows that were laid off a couple of years ago under the “kefaya ba2ar” campaign.


Bring ‘Sawsan and Souad’ back to life in their newest campaign is playing on the never ending nostalgic feeling we have been sensing the last few years but what makes it different than all the rest? Well ‘FUNNY’ is the magic word. Yes finally we get a good laugh through advertising!

‘Sawsan and Souad’ ads simply show how the cows are a failure in every job they try out ending each one with a simple statement that the cows only master doing zabady; the only thing they know, while still maintaining the original Labanita branding of ‘zobad elzabady’ playing well in the script.

Each year we are bombarded with dozens of ads in Ramadan, everyone competing for 1st place in terms of creativity and entertainment. This year is no different; we have a couple of good-looking ads so far, but the comeback of ‘Sawsan and Souad’ has taken creativity to another level. Hammering their brand “asl elzabady fe masr” using Egyptian slang slogans like zobad elzabady definitely gave it and edge. Interacting with fans on their timeline gives a more personalised relationship between the brand and people; a subtle more expressive means of branding which is sure to stick in our minds. A Facebook account means they have a voice of their own that people can follow and interact with. Adding people and talking to them while creating a conversation about the ad outside of the TV screen, helps give the brand more exposure. They are sharing their lives like any normal Facebook user that posts selfies and updates!



Hats off to the create team behind the campaign.