After nearly 5 months of a complete musical drought, the scene is finally starting to pick up again. And with summer and all, the timing couldn’t be more perfect. So if you’re looking to go out and socialize, here’s a list of the upcoming events you need to know about!


Our favorite Egyptian Pink-Floyd tribute band is back, everyone. If you’re willing to go the distance, they’ll be performing at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina on August 25th. Don’t forget to book your tickets now for a night beyond the horizon!

Egyptianized Hamlet

You only have one day to catch the Egyptian Hamlet adaptation. Yes, Shakespeare’s most famed play about revenge, madness and love is coming to us with an Upper Egyptian twist and will be performed on the 12th of August at the Cairo Opera House. Interesting, huh?

Um Kolthoum

“El Set” nights return again at El Sawy Cultural Wheel! The launching party was a couple of days back. But now they’ll be performed frequently like before. Amazing news, right? If you’ve never been to one, we highly recommend it!


Okay, here’s the event we’re most excited about. Honestly, Wednesdays and Thursdays were never the same when Room’s Karaoke nights stopped. But now they’re back and we can’t shut up about it!

Wael El Fashny

If you’re up for a night of pure folklore transcendence, then you can’t afford to miss Wael El Fashny’s concert on the 14th of August at El Sawy Cultural Wheel. Make sure to book now as seats are pretty limited!

Happy week-ending y’all!