“Egypt was as good as Europe 50 years ago, and Egyptians appreciated beauty”

We all heard, or even said, this before; especially after watching a black and white movie and seeing the beauty of Egypt back then. Reality is, Egypt is still that beautiful, but we just don’t spend enough time appreciating it.

If you want to experience the beauty and the luxurious past with a blend of modern Egypt, then Nile 49 is the place for you.


Over a magnificent Nile view, in one of Egypt’s oldest neighborhoods, Kitkat, lies Nile 49.  A houseboat, aka. “3awama”, that has a vintage store on the first floor and a roof top for brunch.

The moment you step in Nile 49, you’ll feel sudden disconnection from the busy streets of Cairo. It is very inviting and luxurious. The vintage store at the first floor, has international and Egyptian brands. The international corner has carefully selected brands to reflect elegance and diversity, while the Egyptian corner catches your eyes with its vivid colored home accessories.


The stairs that takes you to the upper deck has pictures of Egyptian celebrities, like Laila Murad, Mariam Fakher El Dein, Anwar Wagdi, Oum Kalthoum. It will keep your eyes entertained until your reach the roof top.

When you reach the roof, the bright colors of the sofas and cushions, mixed with the warmth of the sunshine, will give you an instant feeling of comfort.


The Nile view is looking over Zamalek, which is on the other side of the Nile. You’ll also find other houseboats floating next to it, which give a great feel. It will make you feel like you’re in a fancy restaurant in Venice.

Fun fact: Kitkat has most of the houseboats, with a total of 21 boats.


Now let’s look at the food. The brunch menu will make you get back to the Egyptian mood with the essentials; Foul and ta3meya, as well as omelet, tahini, baba ganoug and many other delicious items. All the food is fresh and the vegetables are freshly picked. If you don’t mind adding couple of calories to you daily intake, you cannot miss the home made “Fateer meshaltet” served with honey.


The best part about the menu might be the “Labneh” corner. Everything served is fresh, too.


Nile 49 isn’t just a restaurant, it’s about getting back to your Egyptian root, with a modern twist, where you can enjoy the view, food, Nile, and everything else. It’s location makes it special as well, because Kitkat is one of the best neighborhoods here.

Remember to reserve before you go, because walk-ins aren’t allowed. Nile 49 is also good for small parties and celebrations.