From an array of up-and-coming fashion designs, Sandra Risk’s Nine Crimes is definitely worth paying attention to. This ready-to-wear clothing brand has launched this summer with a new twist for the 1950’s Boho-chic style. Nine Crimes’ concept works on displaying a laid back and easy feel that surely caters to all fashionistas out there who love to mix and match.


What was the reason behind starting Nine Crimes Clothing? What was the inspiration?

Well, my passion for sketching and making clothes started around the age of 11. Back then, Egypt did not have many stores and no international ones in specific. Shopping was never really fun; I had to play around with my closet and pimp it or embellish some pieces to get what I want. Years later, I realised how much I enjoy it and that this is what I want to make for a living.

What was the inspiration behind the name?

I just love the name. It’s a song by Damien Rice that I’ve always been a fan of, plus when I decided the number of departments I’d like to have under the brand, they turned out to be nine.


How can you describe Nine Crimes’ style? Who is your woman?

The one who stands out and doesn’t care what others think of her. The one who grabs attention wherever she goes. The one who’s always different. The one who doesn’t need makeup or surgeries to look good. The one who doesn’t seek to impress, yet always does.

What do you aspire to do with the future of your brand? Are you open to exploring other styles?

Hopefully, to have a big fashion firm with many departments underneath, a big factory to help us serve the mass and many young talented Egyptian designers working for this firm. To start benefiting our country and work for it instead of always trying to leave it and travel abroad; I’d like to see the world start shopping from Egypt instead of us Egyptians always travelling abroad to shop.


Which celebrities you think have the best styles?

Believe it or not, I actually know nothing about celebrities. I barely know some names, but I definitely love Rocky Barnes’ style. She’s a fashion blogger.


What was the most difficult situation you’ve been in while working on your designs?

To sketch something and not find the right material you imagined for it. It’s something very common in Egypt as we don’t have a wide range of options like many other countries do.

Also, good tailors and workers are almost hard to find here. It’s a common struggle for all designers I guess.

What is a typical working day for you?

Well, I use all kinds of materials in my clothes so I like to go for walks in places like El Azhar, Mosky, Ataba, Darb El Barabra and El Hussein where I get inspired and buy pretty materials and just go back and start playing around with them.


What is the worst thing in the fashion industry according to you?

If we’re talking about the fashion industry in Egypt, then definitely it has to be the lack of Ready-To-Wear. For some reason, all Egyptian designers on the rise are more into designing haute couture and wedding gowns. I believe we need more casual brands and factories.

Also, the lack of models. We only have a few good models in the entire country and all brands end up working with the same ones which is a bit boring.


Are you willing to do an exclusive design for a client?

No. I’m only planning on creating collections that will be sold on an online store only. Maybe in the future if I extend and start a Haute Couture Department.