Introducing world class Hip Hop styled parties to the Egyptian nightlife scene, Noir quickly became one of Egypt’s top ranked event management companies.

Over the past 5 years Noir’s founders Nael Shawky, Sherif Badrawy, and Noor Mansour have been working hard to turn their childhood dream into a reality, evolving from hardcore house parties to the top notch events.
Noir aims to change the nightlife scene in Egypt. “As the scene in Egypt is developed around Electronic music only and is limited to a certain style of parties, we are introducing a new type of parties, mainly Hip Hop and R&B alongside commercial music with top notch world class entertainment from all around the globe,” says Nael.
Noir is very community based, having a young “creme de la creme” clientele that has supported the company from the day it started. Noir’s community kept on growing to become home to thousands of party goers every year,

“A party is where you can enjoy the music, the performance, the drinks and the atmosphere, far away from the pill popping scene that dominates Egypt’s nightlife. A party should be people gathered for the purpose of having fun, enjoying the music and dancing, unlike most of the parties you see now in Egypt.”

Owning the only beach and pool party label in Egypt, “DiscoPool” is one of Noir’s spot on projects, bringing music and shows from all around the world to the shores of Sahel. DiscoPool gave the crowd a taste of Ibiza and Mykonos, not found anywhere else in Egypt.
Aside from Noir’s signature nights which are home to the elite party goers all year long, “the atmosphere and setup you only see in Europe is created by Noir here in Egypt,” states Sherif.
“Personally, I see what makes our events special is our passion towards each event, dedication to perfect every detail of the night to make it a memorable one, aside from our selected DJ’s and performers which we hire from Spain or the UK fitting the theme of each event to the massive production made by Noir’s artists and designers,” Nael adds.
“We’re hosting DiscoPool season 2 this summer and expect another killer pool party to be added on Saturdays,” adds Nour.
“At the end of the summer season, Noir will be hitting Cairo with two club tours starting the end of September,” declares Sherif.
Noir is more than just an event management company. They aim to change the entire ideology of Egyptian party lovers. There is more to life than just working, eating and sleeping. Partying, clubbing and dancing are necessary in such a compact lifestyle; Noir is introducing this aspect to the society.