NOLA has innovated customized design for the classic Eid Sheep offered in cupcakes, biscuits and cakes for all Egyptians to enjoy this Eid.Have a sweeter Eid with NOLA Sheep!

The Cupcakes are in 4 flavours and designs of salted caramel, blueberry chocolate and vanilla, filled with mini cupcakes topped with icing. In addition to the cupcakes, a sheep red velvet cakes and vanilla biscuits to add infinite sweet conversations to your Eid!

Quote from Laila Sedky, NOLA Cupcakes Founder: “Our Eid collection offers our beloved customers the best part of a sweeter Eid made sweeter by togetherness. NOLA’s Cupcake sheep is ready to pick up to your Eid destination no matter whether you’ll be having a quick biscuit to bite or a cake to enjoy with your friends and family.”

The Eid Collection will be available exclusively at NOLA locations in Cairo ( Korba, Maadi, Mohandeseen, Rehab, Zamalek, Cairo Festival City, Waterway) Alexandria ( Kafr Abo and San Stefano ) Tanta and Mansoura. You’ll find them in store from Monday 6th September until Saturday 17th September.The NOLA team always aspires to stay at the beat of life offering customized designs that will be an additional taste of magic to your celebrated moments.