How Noon Academy Changed 2,000,000 Lives!There’s nothing more precious than knowledge and education. We learned this when we were just little kids, doing only what we’re told.

But as we grew up, we learned the hard way and started to believe even more that knowledge is indeed, power. And honestly, what’s more honorable than have someone take your hand and guide you the right way to the path of your dreams with this very power?

Ever since Noon Academy appeared on the educational platform, it has changed 2,000,000 lives; through offering them the best most prestigious educational services. Noon is the largest educational network in Egypt and the Arab world, and study with private teachers.

Noon currently exists in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. The educational platform is also a few steps away from expanding in India and many other countries soon.

What’s Noon Academy?

The world is changing, and so are the ways in which we collect new information and knowledge. We’re stepping away from the traditional days of chalkboards and wooden chairs, while moving closer to artificial intelligence and the flexible paths the internet is offering us, nowadays.

In addition to using our smartphones to learn and interact with the lectures we’re given, wherever we are and at anytime of the day.

Noon Academy is all of this and more. Being an online educational platform, Noon has also announced that it’s offering full ride scholarships to thousands of Thanaweya Amma students in order to learn Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and English.
Noon; a Social Media Platform:

Taking online courses and gaining your knowledge from the internet world doesn’t mean you turn into an academic introvert. On the contrary, Noon has put this into consideration as it’s not only an educational platform, but a social media one as well.

Connecting with your classmates and school colleagues have never been easier. Because from the moment you join Noon; you’ll have to enter your school name and then, a few seconds and you’ll find a long list of your classmates waiting for you to interact and study with them. Sign up now!

What’s so beneficial about this is that you’ll say goodbye to your old habits of staying on social media and wasting your time while you’re supposed to be studying. Not only that, but you’ll also have fun and be entertained when you do it with other people, so you don’t feel isolated.

Challenges and Prizes:

Thanaweya Amma doesn’t have to be awful and scary anymore. Because Noon Academy is offering weekly games, challenges and prizes for you and your friends. So you could challenge on Physics, Chemistry, English and Mathematics and learn while you have fun through the competitive spirit! Also, teachers can sign up and challenge their students.

Connect with your Favorite Celebrities!

Because Noon cares to motivate you and bring out the best in you; every week you’ll find one of your favorite influencers and heroes, whether they’re well known and prestigious professors or celebrities; to give you a pep talk and give tips on time management and how to prepare for your tests. Some of them will also be managing the weekly challenges!

What are you waiting for? Join Noon Academy now and get the education that you deserve; like the 2,000,000 students who had trust in the prestigious educational platform!