Brace yourselves everyone, the North Coast is revolutionizing, BIG time!

Ever dreamt of lying on the beach under a pretty umbrella wearing the Hawaiian attire, and holding a watermelon with a straw in your hand? We’re not going to Hawaii (We wish though), BUT Hawaii is coming to us, here in Egypt!

PALI Beach Resort in the North Coast is being added to the beautiful real estate collection we’re recently witnessing in Sahel, but this one is special and here is why:

 1# The Valley Experience:

Stargazing at night in a beautiful island surrounded by so many trees and green landscapes is what Pali is all about; bringing you all the Hawaiian island vibes you always wanted to experience, making you want to walk around the area all day long just to enjoy the scenery.

2# The Majestic Mirror sea view is EVERYWHERE:

Pali’s sea is like no other in the North coast, or anywhere else. The reflection of the moon and the stars on the crystal clear waters makes it look like a sea of bright diamonds.

Also, wherever you go and no matter how far you are from the actual beach, Pali is designed for you to always have the beautiful clear blue sea view!

3# Pali offers you the best adventures, including an amusement river!

All the water activities and sports await you!

You will be able to experience zip lining through Pali and have all the jungly feels, as well as enjoying all of its water games and activities like rafting in its amusement river.

4# Pali’s entertainment experience is just beyond everything:

Want to have a nice meal out with your friends? Pali has the best restaurants for you. Want to have a fun night out? The clubhouse is also the place to be. Are you the ‘stay in the pool all day’ kind of person? Pali’s pools are all around with the best view!

You’ll pretty much find everything you need, even if it’s a 5 stars hotel!

 5# You’ll be able to enjoy the view even more and work out outdoors:

Don’t worry about all the weight gain that comes with all this fun cause your workout experience is about to change with Pali’s outdoor fitness zone!

 6# The very beautiful, luxurious houses:

Pali’s design will make you want to stay there for the whole year, not just the summer!

Their huge sea view villas and townhouses will give you the feeling of living in an actual island, or even better, an actual boat with private pools, gardens and beautiful landscape terraces!

We are definitely ready to spend the rest of our lives there, are you?