When the going gets tough, the tough get going here in this country. We are still discovering that we’re surrounded by real-life heroes whom we’re forever grateful for!

On Saturday, March 23rd, a young Egyptian with the name Gihad Youssef Zaki managed to save the lives of three children.

In the area of El Zawya El Hamra, an accidental fire broke out in an apartment on the third floor. Because of a gas leak.

Those three children would have ended up burnt and dead if it wasn’t for Gihad’s heroic act!

What did Gihad do exactly?

After witnessing the fire and smoke, in the midst of the children cries of help as well as the neighbors cries of disbelief, Gihad decided to take action.

He climbed up the building to the balcony of the third floor through the gas pipes. Never minding how dangerous it is and not even second guessing whether or not he’s risking his own life!

The “young hero”, as everybody is now calling him, has succeeded in his mission and ended up saving the children’s lives. Ridding them of what would have been a tragic destiny.

What’s incredibly impressive as well, is that he did not stop until they were all safe and sound. He kept climbing up to take one kid after the other. Outstanding!

Seeing the video multiple times, we still cannot grasp how he so fearlessly did that. Especially, while everyone watching was screaming their lungs out, fearing for his life.

Everybody is now celebrating and praising this young man; comparing him to the likes of Superman and other fictional heroes. And well, he deserves that and more!

People and acts like these restore our faith in humanity and in the next generations, for real! What about you? What do you think of What Gihad did? Would have you done the same if you were in his place?