Everyone knows how demanding the service industry is. However the success of most businesses, if not, all are based on clients ‘satisfaction. Therefore “el zeboon dayman 3ala 7a2.” So to balance customer satisfaction and your own sanity is an important yet hard equation! So here’s a manual on how to work with clients in Egypt without losing your mind.

1- Anger Management Classes

Enroll in anger management classes, practice yoga, or meditate. Master the art of controlling your anger. Whatever happens between you and the client, remain calm. No, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t picture yourself hitting him with a hammer over and over again. But the most important thing is to try, as much as possible, to stay calm on the outside.

2- Kickboxing

After remaining calm for the whole day and throughout the whole process, you need to get all the bottled up anger out. So instead of taking it out on a family member, a waiter, a passing by stranger or even a fly, take it out on a punching bag.


3- Dedicate Time During the Day with Zero Electronics

Disconnect for an hour a day or even half an hour from everything. Turn off your phone, your laptop and everything that has to do with work or phones. Just stare, shower or even have a bubble bath. RELAX!

4- Be Yourself

Yes be yourself when dealing with a client, and do not feel intimidated. Be yourself unless you’re a short-tempered grumpy person; be someone other than yourself in that case or take a tranquilizer- a.k.a. mohade2!

5- State Your Boundaries

Yes be polite and helpful, but under no circumstances accept something that is unacceptable to you! Certain behavior and attitude is unacceptable even from a client!

6- Don’t Discuss Work/Client Problems with Friends and Family

Venting sometimes make you calmer, but a lot of other times it does the complete opposite. Sometimes it makes you fume with anger; it’s also unprofessional.

7- Make To-do Lists Your New Best Friend

Although they’ll be never-ending, but it still helps you not lose your mind!

8- Agree to Disagree Should Be Your Motto

OR better yet always agree we raya7 demaghak. Sometimes, especially if you’re a designer, you’d rather kill yourself than follow your client’s ideas, but there’s always a smart way to convince the client that their ideas are ugly. This way is to actually implement them!!


To take care of a client you have to take care of yourself first. Pamper yourself and calm yourself down in order to stay sane with the amount of daily pressure that you have to face!