hopeless romantic
I am not sorry for being a hopeless romantic; in fact I am very proud of it.

A hopeless romantic is someone who believes in true love, and that no matter what happens everyone will have their own fairytale.

Some people argue that it’s too unrealistic, and that hopeless romantics need to return to mother earth and be rational, but I believe that these people are just too ‘earthy’ and pessimistic. NO, I will never settle for anything less than a fairytale, and you shouldn’t either!

Falling in love is one of God’s greatest blessings. You get to experience intense emotions just by looking into someone’s eyes or when your hands touch theirs unintentionally. Your heart skips a beat and it feels like an adventure. You start fantasizing about your future together as a couple and how great it will be when you celebrate your 20th anniversary.

Being a hopeless romantic makes you wonder about the time when you meet the person of your dreams. Will it be at work? Is it during a trip? Or is it just so random that you are not even creative enough to assume it? You want to be with someone who is crazy about you and will do anything to win your heart, someone capable of sweeping you off your feet like movie characters.

Being a hopeless romantic gives you the gift of making plans with a future significant other, without knowing anything about them or even their existence. You just have a bucket list of things that you want to do. Maybe it’s walking together in the rain, going on a beach picnic date where both of you prepare delicious food, going to the movies together and so much more. All of these things might seem like what the average person takes for granted, but to you these fantasies are what keep you going.

You look at things from another perspective, because you appreciate the beauty of love. It is not a possibility that you would ever settle for the average relationship, because you feed on loving deeply and being loved immensely. You would never settle for someone who doesn’t contribute to your fairytale, because otherwise you are just wasting your time with someone who doesn’t value you, or the importance of love.

Love deeply and never change your perception about love, because the power of love is the greatest power you could ever possess.