Notre Dame de Paris

On Monday, April 15, we almost lost the entire monumental and historic Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral due to a horrific fire of which the reason is still unknown.

Notre Dame de Paris

The roof entirely collapsed as well as part of the historic church’s spire. The fire was finally put out after nine hours, because the situation was so dangerous that the firefighters had to wait and find a safe way to climb up and get everything under control.

Notre Dame de Paris

The moment the fire broke out, sadness and disbelief spread all over the world, not just France. Because watching over 800 years of history burn to the ground is such a painful scene to witness.

Notre Dame de Paris Notre Dame de Paris

However, this was not the first tragic incident to take place in one of the world’s most iconic sites. The Cathedrals of Notre Dame’s history tells us so much about how it went through the worst before.

“History repeats itself,” is the quote everybody has been using since the incident. Because it’s unfortunately true.

That being said, if anything, that should give us hope that if they did it once, they’ll do it again. Such architectural masterpieces have been rebuilt and retouched a lot of times already and there’s no reason why we should think it’s gone forever this time.

French President Emmanuel Macron already vowed to start rebuilding what was lost from day one. And thankfully, some of the precious artworks and artifacts have reportedly been saved, so not much was lost after all.

History repeating itself:

Back in 1914, during World War I, the other astonishing Cathedral, Notre Dame de Reims‘ wooden scaffolding was set on fire by a huge number of German shells. This led to the collapse of the roof, destroying the glass pillars and windows too.

Notre Dame de Paris

Notre Dame de Paris

Although the historical beauty suffered bad damage, it was restored and rebuilt.

However, the same Cathedral was hit and bombarded in 1917 and 1918. The whole building was in ruins throughout this decade, because of the war.

As for the Notre Dame de Paris itself, the one which suffered the horrible fire on Monday, it survived two wars and the possible destruction at the time of the French Revolution in the 1800s.

But of course, that survival came with the damages of pollution and years of decay, in addition to the countless terrorist threats over the past couple of years. And even way before that.

Notre Dame de Paris

Notre Dame de Paris has gone through some major restorations and renovations from 1991 until 2000. And now, of course, after the huge fire, it’ll go through that again.

History gives us enough hope that the great Notre Dame de Paris will come back stronger and will be rebuilt, beautifully.

It’s worth mentioning that the Cathedral receives almost 13 million visitors per year. A number of French billionaires have already donated around 300 million euros for the immediate rebuilt.

Don’t lose hope people, history is not that easily destroyed!