I know most of you dream of having curves and getting rid of love handles, saggy arms and thighs, but having a toned body isn’t easy; it requires work. These bodies that you see that never fail to impress you have a lot of hours of dedication behind them. I will list some tips to complement the idea in your heads. 


Stay hydrated: At home, work or at the gym. I know you’ve been told a lot to drink a certain number of cups of liters during the day, but that shouldn’t be your goal. Your goal is to be hydrated throughout the day. So, being dehydrated all morning then drinking 30 gallons of water later, won’t give you the benefits of water. 


Caloric Surplus/Deficit:

If you are skinny or underweight, eat at a caloric surplus to gain lean muscle. If you still have a considerable amount of fat, eat at a caloric deficit to lose it. 


Calorie Count:

Count calories and be aware of what you eat daily. You cannot imagine how that tip will make you relaxed about your diet plan.




Never compromise your protein intake. You will need it due to the lack in the testosterone department. 


Cheat Meal:

Have a cheat meal every 1-2 weeks to avoid metabolism drop. Try to have more carbs than fats in this meal. Also, try to avoid junk food chains due to the endless harms they do to your body. If you crave a burger, go for a real one.