Among the list of things that Egypt is guilty of, commercials, I believe, makeย the top of the list. Marketeers of the past have managed to both amuse us and disappoint us at the same time. One thing we know for sure though, is that we can’t help but look back on these commercials and smile like little babies!


Picture that they make it a point to discuss marriage issues where the husband didn’t bring “El-3afsh” or “El-Shabka”, but by some weird logic, all that is forgotten when the guy brings the girl Covartina chocolates! Ladies and gentlemen, I present you with Cupid Covartina.


once again, marriage comes up in commercials. But this time, rest assured, the marriage is going to work! Apparently, the girls have asked their moms to buy their toilets from Lecico!

Gehaz El-3arosen, Abd El-Reheem Amr

Somehow Egyptians, in the old days, liked to drag marriage into any commercial. This time, we were happy to hear that some of us find comfort in the idea of marriage because of Abd El-Reheem Amr’s furniture.

Nefertitiย Cigarettes

We just couldn’t accept the idea of not contributing to this beautiful world with anything, so we brought you “Segaret El-3asr”. Bear in mind this is our gift to the Arab world!

Gersy Chocolates

I only got one word for you! “Bestek Bestek Betstek Naow! Chocolata Gersy wakla el gaw.” Seriously, need I say more?!

Bon Bon Sima

Brace yourselves because Egypt’s officially fighting conquerors with candies. Just one bonbon is capable of making a whole army retreat. As for the rest of the world, you’re welcome!

Ragon Pesticideย 

And just when we thought we have seen it all, they started singing to cockroaches “Makansh yomak ya sorsar!”

Olin Oil

This oil is like no other. It’s not only recommended by el Setat El-Wa3yeen, but by a genie too!

Savo Detergent

We bring you a detergent different from any other, one that will make our neighbors envy us!

We hope you enjoyed this short trip down memory lane and took pleasure in knowing thatย these commercials, even though simple and outdated, managed to stir up so many feelings. After all, it’s the simplest things in life that give us ultimate pleasure!