Sensitive People

This is an open letter to all the sensitive people out there who hate themselves for being ‘too sensitive’. You’ve been shamed for being too sensitive by people saying things like ‘Eh el over da,’ ‘Take a chill pill’, ‘You are blowing this way out of proportion’, ‘You are overly dramatic’ and so much more.

But in fact, having emotions and feeling everything to the fullest is one of God’s greatest blessings. Us, sensitive people, have a whole different view on how things are. We feel everything differently.

Why it is Amazing to be Sensitive

We get super excited when something exotic happens, as if we are little kids buying their first toy. Happiness has a true flavor, because it comes from within. Did I mention how it feels when we are in love? It’s like being part of a Cinderella story. Yeah, sometimes it might feel like an emotional rollercoaster but we get to feel every bit of our fairytale.

Sensitive People

Yes, being a sensitive person is not all sunshine and butterflies, because when we are hurt, it’s really painful. But this makes us the most understanding people you could ever meet. Because we feel pain so much deeper than the average human, and we wouldn’t want anyone to feel half of it.

Sensitive people are empathetic. They always try to put themselves in other people’s shoes, even those who hurt them. We give excuses to everyone around us, even if they don’t deserve it.

Consideration is one of our languages, forgiveness too. A sensitive person tries to understand the psychology of every person they meet; they forgive when they shouldn’t and that makes them great people to be with.

When a sensitive person meets people who care and love them just enough, they can give them the world. A world full of happiness, excitement, love and care.

So how dare you hate yourself when you are what every person is looking for? How dare you belittle your amazing self instead of loving every tiny bit of it? Be proud of who you are, and thank God daily for the blessing of being YOU!

Love yourself enough because self-love is what you need most, and understand that some people are not yet ready to deal with someone amazing just like yourself.