Dear Best Friend that I Miss the Most,

I don’t know how we ended up as best friends starting off as complete strangers who might have never met! And now I’m left with even more questions. How long will we be able to manage this long distance friendship? Will we still be as close? Will I always be the first one to pop to your mind when you need someone to talk to? Will your family remember me next Thanksgiving and how I spent the last one with you? Will you be there at my bachelorette, my wedding, my baby shower, my baby’s first birthday and his/her first day at school? Will I be able to be there for you during those times as well? I don’t know for sure, but I can promise you I will try.

We started off as strangers who couldn’t care less about each other, and now I miss you every minute since I left. I miss our talks, walks, baking nights, late night grocery shopping, our nap times and sleepovers. I miss coming to you for advice and not making by it anyway. I miss going up just a couple of steps to knock on your door and tell you to go get breakfast, lunch, dinner and every meal in between. I loved college because you were there, and oh you have no idea how much I miss it right now, because even though we graduated I still believe that if I went back there now I will find you, in the residential hall, third floor, room all painted in purple, and you sitting there making notes for this psychology final we have!

No matter how many people we’ve met, we were still the closest. No matter how many fights we had, it just brought us closer. I love how nothing could break our bond, not even how much you like your mint chocolate chip ice cream and how I love my blueberry pie in the sky one. We always found a common ground; one night for ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, and another for ‘Friends’. I miss you so much, you don’t have the slightest idea.

As much as I hated staying away from my family, I loved staying where you are; not thousands of miles apart. I want you with me every single day and it does NOT get easier by time. People were lying when they said far from sight far from mind, I can assure you Boo that my mind is pacing thinking how much you might need me right now, and how I can’t be there. Screw distance!

You have no idea how much you still motivate me and push me to be a better person. So until we meet again Boo, I love you and I miss you and this will never change.

Yours truly,

The Friend Who misses You the Most!