OPPO the selfie expert and leader launched the F5 series late 2017 – a phone that features A.I. Beauty recognition Technology for natural selfies with 6” Full-screen display for an immersive visual experience. Since its release, the F5 managed to be the talk of the town, due to its A.I. technology, performance, and more importantly, its price and sleek design.

With OPPO’s constant efforts to over exceed their customer’s expectations, they released the limited edition F5 6GB Red Edition and the F5 Youth; granting their young customers who loves fashion a wide range of new attractive colors which are Red, Black and Gold. The limited edition F5 6GB introduced the new “Red” color to the F5 series, while the F5 Youth will be released in the colors Black and Gold.


To celebrate the launch of the F5 Red Edition, OPPO hosted a launch event at SASS restaurant on Monday, 22nd of January. The Red-and-Black themed event was attended by Egypt’s top influencers and VIPs. OPPO offered attendees an unforgettable night, with a musical performance by DJ Dina Akladios.