While everyone was obsessing over the beautiful clothes and gowns seen during last night’s Cairo Fashion Festival, the geeks have started obsessing over something completely different; particularly the fashion accessories the models had with them.

OPPO’s latest phone the F5 was spotted with the models during OPPO’s designer competition, which means it will be released to the Egyptian market, very soon and we can’t wait!

The phone was spotted with the models during the fashion designers’ OPPO competition with five designers creating clothes focusing on OPPO’s brand colors; white and green. During the competition,the designers used the red F5 as a fashion accessory featured in their outfits.

The F5 was released almost a month ago worldwide, but it’s been taking its precious time to get released in Egypt. The reason why it is worth the wait is because the F5 series is said to be one of the best camera phones ever released.

The F5 front camera might actually be the best selfie camera out there because of its AI (Artificial Intelligence) beauty recognition technology, which uses artificial intelligence to recognize skin tone and type , the gender and age of all subjects within an image and also analyzes the lighting conditions of the environment. By referencing other facial images from a massive global photo database, to beautify a selfie shot, the AI technology helps to perfect the selfies!

To simplify things; you can now take a perfect selfie, edit it with OPPO’s developed beautification feature without looking fake, and capture the real you!

Now we’re not just selfie obsessed people who are excited for a selfie phone, the phone has much more options that are all worth the hype. The phone packs a 3200Ah battery and the Continuous Optimizing technology, which manages the apps running on the device, allowing the user up to 12 hours of continuous use.The device also comes with Facial Unlock, the new face recognition technology that recognizes its user and unlocks the phone accordingly.

While we’re still not quite sure when the phone will be released, the guest appearance of the phone during CFF is proof that it will be gracing us with its presence in Egypt, much sooner than we think!