We have all been through the extremely hectic process of choosing the perfect phone; we do tons of research and technical comparisons between phones that we end up wishing technology would just fall down the drain.

Perfection is relative from one person to another, so start with setting your priorities first before initiating the phone hunt. Most phones are far from perfect; however, the latest generation of the OPPO F series, OPPO F9, is so close to that infamous perfection with its newest dazzling colors, fast charging and durable battery.

Just imagine having a phone that actually looks like the coolest and trendiest fashion accessory in the market. OPPO F9 uses a gorgeous gradient color design found in three colors Sunrise Red, Twilight Blue, and Starry Purple, with inspiration coming from nature – sunrise, twilight, and starry skies. With these color designs, one could totally forget about getting an extra cover to give their phone that extra cool or funky groove.

The dive of them all, however, is the “Starry purple,” and not just because we love purple and are mostly biased, but it is because it truly does look unique and is unlike any phone, we have ever seen.

Yes, this is the attention diva of phones, because it will turn all heads when you pull it out to take that perfect selfie – because we all know OPPO means the perfect selfie. It really is the ultimate fashion accessory, not just a phone. And because all good things come for those who wait, its pre-order already started on 8th of October, or wait till the 13th of October for immediate purchase.

In addition to the unique gradient color back, F9 also features OPPO’s first FHD+ Waterdrop Screen with a high screen-to-body ratio up to 90.8%. Topping that, this beauty offers a high-resolution screen with the utmost immersive vivid experience and visual enjoyment without drastically increasing the size of the phone and making its grip feel clumsy in one’s hand.

OPPO F9 is also the first smartphone with Waterdrop screen in its price segment. What’s the price you ask? Only 5,790 EGP. No, this is not a typo, we didn’t forget a number here; this phone with all its glitz and glam, design as well as specs will only cost you FIVE THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED AND NINETY EGYPTIAN POUNDS. In shoe currency, that is the price of one designer’s pair on sale, not even full price!

Speaking of specs, we did not mention any of the good stuff yet. The main reason this phone is a fashion icon’s go-to phone is not that it looks like a designer’s phone, but the fact that you won’t miss out on getting any attention because you’re charging your phone!

The OPPO F9 has “VOOC” Flash Charge technology, which provides “5-min charge, 2-hour talk” performance and is one of the fastest and safest fast charge technologies in the industry.

The OPPO F9’s ad features rising stars and fashion icons Huda Al-Mufti, Khaled Anwar and Mohamed Sharnouby. The ad content and stars are consistent with OPPO F9’s message “Stay with Attention” and how VOOC flash charge technology along with gradient colors will help young people avoid FOMO and stay trendy.

We all truly relate to the struggle of living the moment at a party, then getting behind that chair in the corner to charge our phones, because if we can’t Instagram what we’re doing, we all know it doesn’t count!