This year has been the year of the rising stars – and with the launch of the OPPO F9, OPPO collaborated with Egypt’s hottest rising stars; Mohamed El Sharnouby, Huda El Mufti and Khaled Anwar. The three stars have been making a name for themselves over the last couple of years, but when they appeared together in the hit show “Ka’eno Embareh”, the stars definitely showed viewers that they are the up and coming stars to keep an eye on!

Each of the stars does represent a major key point of the OPPO F9 – they steal everyone’s attention, just like the phone, and they always look elegant, unique, and are always ready for action.

The OPPO F9 comes in three unique different gradient designs, which each represents one of the stars – Sunrise Red, Twilight Blue, and Starry Purple, with inspiration coming from nature – sunrise, twilight and starry skies.


The Sunrise Red design, just like El Sharnouby, is loud, yet elegant and demands attention. The Twilight Blue, like Anwar, is calm, yet unique and youthful. As for the Starry Purple, it is the diva of the three designs, just like Huda!

Additionally, the OPPO F9 design has a waterfall screen to make the display as great as ever. Looks and designs aside, we all know phones and actors are all about the performance. The OPPO F9 does not fail in that department either.


The F9 has made breakthroughs in fast charging with its “VOOC flash charge” which provides “5-min charge, 2-hours talk” performance and is one of the fastest and safest charging technologies in the industry. F9 is also the first phone with fast charging technology in its price segment.

With the similarities between the stars and the F9 being made clear, we sat down with the stars of OPPO to discuss their work, present, and future, and to know more about them.


We started with Mohamed El Sharnouby, the singer and actor. With a movie, two TV series, a song and a number of concerts – including a few with the one and only Omar Khairat – El Sharnouby has been one of the busiest people in the entertainment industry this year.

So how did the 23 year old manage to achieve all this success in not only a short time, but at the same time? “Time management is the essence for me. I force myself to organize my day and manage my time very precisely. We all waste time every day on little things without even realizing it. Like waiting for our phones to finish charging, for instance.”

El Sharnouby continues, “It takes about 2 to 3 hours to charge your phone, and during those hours, I could literally finish a whole project instead of just waiting for my phone to finish charging. That is why I agreed without hesitation to be the face of OPPO in this campaign. If I can have a working phone in 5 minutes of charging, I’ll take it!”

We later had a little chat with Khaled Anwar, who rose to fame during the hit Ramadan series “Haza el Masa’a”, which some would argue was the top series in 2017.

Following his breakthrough success, Anwar took 2018 by storm by working in, not one, but three TV series. He appeared in two Ramadan hits, “Abo Omar El-Masry” alongside Ahmed Ezz, and “Awalem Khafeya” with the iconic Adel Imam.

Unlike El Sharnouby, Anwar has more of an introverted personality, which he spoke about, “I spend most of my time on my phone; from taking pictures and selfies to document my memories, to even playing video games. I’m a very visual person, and that was the reason I was attracted to the OPPO F9 – a waterdrop screen with great visuals, and a kickass camera – what more could I ask for?”

Our final chat was with Huda el Mufti. In the age of social media, models can quickly lose their relevancy, but only a few stand out; and Huda el Mufti is one of them! Huda became an iconic model in just a few years – she even graced our covers at Identity before – but the star did not stop there. Huda made her acting debut in Ramadan of 2017, also with Khaled Anwar, in “Haza El Masa’a”, and appeared with Yousra in her 2018 Ramadan series “Ladina Aqwal Okhra”.

Just like the OPPO F9, Huda’s look is unique and always turns heads. Her look and sense of style quickly made her a fashion icon, and you would think that her first major national ad campaign as an actress –not a model – would be of a fashion brand, not a phone brand.

Huda commented on that saying, “Fashion is evolving, and technology is now becoming a main pillar in fashion. The OPPO F9 is more than just a phone; its design is truly a piece of art. I believe that OPPO are leading the path to officially placing phones, which are now essentials, on the fashion map!”

Production: carousel
Photography: abdallah sabry
Fashion Director: Gehad abdalla
Fashion Coordinators: Omar Hesham, Omar Fadda & Donia Gaber
Makeup Artist: Aya Abdelhamid
Hair Stylist: Emad Swilam
Shot on Location: Gero Land
Wardrobe: Desigual