By Khaled Nasser

Lack of happiness, the loss of purpose, the decreasing level of education, the disappearance of art and creativity, and much more are mainly the things that defines our society nowadays, especially for those who can’t afford searching for them in fancy places. And maybe this was the motivation for many organizations that appeared in the past few years, a motivation to start changing this reality and making this society a much better place, each in their own way. For years helping society was limited to donating money to charity organizations and letting them do whatever they can, and it helped of course, and in the past few years the idea of helping the society in a creative way has been spreading like wildfire; to know your strengths and gifts and direct them towards helping those who doesn’t share the same strengths.

 Mashrou ElSaada

In 2013 some architecture students started this project, a project that is was born based on their main study and their passion towards different types of art, the project aims to help society through color therapy, by applying combinations of colors and paintings Mashrou ElSaada succeeded in their quest at all the places they visited so far, it all started with one wall in Darb Saada area at Bab Al Khalq district with the words “Never give up” written on it, and it then extended to all Darb Saada, following that many projects including renovating Heissa Island at Nuba and coloring a school in Fayoum among other projects.



Weladna is an initiative that aims to create products that could help develop kids’ minds and souls giving them the amusement they need with the education and development that could help them become more productive in the society ad make them more culturally and environmentally aware.


Safarni – Intercultural Children’s workshop

Safarni workshops is a project that aims to enrich the minds of kids by sending them on imaginary journeys to different countries worldwide where they get introduced to these countries’ language, games, food, dances and much more. The project is a simulation of tours around the world that enhances the kids’ skills and gives them opportunities to meet and see things they have never encountered before. Safarni has made over 60 travels so far


Alwan wa Awtar

Alwan wa Awtar is an organization that believes that art is the best tool for enhancing cognitive and expression abilities, it also enhances many skills like critical thinking and problem solving. Practicing arts also increases social awareness as art reflects culture, and hence those who practice art become effective members in their communities.

Alwan wa Awtar aims mainly to create a conducive environment enabling children and young persons in marginalized areas to develop their artistic sense, intellectual and creative abilities and self-awareness through arts and non-traditional learning techniques.