The Oscars, aka the Super Bowl for all the movie junkies, is the time of the year where we all get together, grab some popcorn and bet on the winners. Last year’s Oscars was probably one of the best Oscars ceremonies that ever happened- Ellen Degeneres set the bars so high for all upcoming hosts, it kind of left Neil Patrick Harris struggling a bit. This year, however, wasn’t that bad. It was still entertaining with some great moments. Here are some of our favorite moments.

-John Travolta giving Scarlett Johansson an awkward kiss on the red carpet


It probably wasn’t that good for her, but we loved it!

– The Opening Number

Neil Patrick Harris joined by Anna Kendrick and Jack Black, made an amazing opening number.

– Common & John Legend’s performance and speech

It gave us the chills and left everyone crying


– Idina Menzel getting her payback


Take that, Glom Gazingo! There’s also an Honorable mention to the awkward face touching.

-Neil Patrick Harris and his underwear


– Everything is awesome!

Tegan and Sara along with The Lonley Island killed it!



We also want the Lego Oscar to be sold world wide, thank you very much.

– Benedict Cumberbatch and his flask 


Maybe he was drinking to get over his loss? We better go away now…

-Wes Anderson forgot how to clap 


What the hell, dude? You’re Wes Anderson, what are you going?

-Lady Gaga and Julie Andrew’s moment



-Jennifer Lopez and Meryl Streep’s selfie



-Eddie Redmayne’s winning reaction


8 9


-Patricia Arquette’s feminist acceptance speech


You go girl!


-Last, but not least, Graham Moore’s acceptance speech


I must say, this speech was the highlight of the night. It’s inspiring and emotional, and we’re all proud of him!