When it comes to dairy, we’re definitely not short on brands. Dairy products are pretty much essential in any meal. If you’re not taking them in their milk, cheese, or yogurt form; they’ll appear in your pasta or pizza and more.

Honestly, we just love our dairy products and we felt the need to share with you guys some of the new-ish brands taking over the market now. So, here are 4 of our top favorite dairy brands and why we love them!

The Milkman

This one’s our top favorite right now. The Milkman recently hit the market and already caught the attention of many loyal dairy fans. It’s fresh out of the farm, they got all kinds of milk skimmed, full cream and clotted cream and it tastes just like our old authentic milk. Also, we can’t get over the eye-pleasing vintage packaging!


We honestly live for their coconut and cashew milk. And, if you’re on a non-dairy diet but still love your milk, make sure to check out Fuel’s non-dairy milk now. But aside from milk, we love their fresh juice blends, too!


If you’re a vegan or if you’re just really into soy milk, you need to know about Fitsoy. Just order your preferred size, sugar or no sugar and take a look at the shakes too!


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*NEW* We are very proud to announce the addition of Lychee FRESH MILK to our menu! Lychee FRESH MILK is pasteurized, which is a lot better for your health than store-bought UHT milk. Our milk is pasteurized at lower temperatures, preserving a lot more nutrients & minerals. We are happy to be helping our community every day to healthier, accessible offerings. 🔗 Menu link in Bio We deliver! 📱Call 01200067666 or whatsapp 01212222434 ▶️ Send us a message with your order + information (Name, phone & address) 🏍 FREE delivery on orders above EGP 150, including Uber Eats orders ⏰ Delivering between 10am to 5pm daily . جديد من ليتشي. يسعدنا الإعلان عن إضافة لبن طبيعي فريش لمنتجاتنا! اللبن الطبيعي من ليتشي هو لبن مُبستر على أقل حرارة ممكنة و ده بيخليه أفضل لصحتك من اللبن المعقم لأنه بيحفظ القيم الغذائية الموجودة فيه بصورة أكبر. إحنا سعداء إننا دايماً بنقدملكم إختيارات صحية و متوفرة. شوف المنيو عن طريق الرابط الموجود في السيرة الذاتية للتوصيل: كلم 01200067666 أو واتساب 01212222434 أو إبعتلنا رسالة بطلبك + معلوماتك (إسمك, رقمك و عنوانك) التوصيل مجاناً للطلبات أكتر من 150 جنيه. العرض ساري على الطلبات من خلالنا و من خلال أوبر إيتس التوصيل متاح من 10 صباحاً ل5 مساءاً يومياً . . . #LycheeFruitBar #MakingHealthyALifestyle #BestInTown #EatClean #EatLocal

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Did you guys know your go-to refreshments place now makes fresh pasteurized milk too? It’s been a while since they announced that but it came to our attention that not many are aware of it yet. We just love to be the bearers of good news!