Attending 8-am classes, sticky notes and being teacher’s pet is not for everyone and that’s totally OKAY. Let’s face it, you could still be real-life smart without being “college smart!”

So, how could you pass at college and actually get good grades without attending? Follow those simple tips!

Attend practical classes not lectures

Do some time prioritizing and know when you can and can’t skip class. Most lectures are pretty generic and won’t help you much with the final exam.

On the contrary, practical classes, are crucial. They you will provide you with everything you need to know about any given course and they’re usually once a month!

Recruit one classmate for notes

It’s no shame, we all did it. You must know at least one “class nerd” that is friendly enough and willing to walk you through everything you’ve missed in class. Don’t lose them!

In times of need, they will send you their notes, mock exams and even tutor you through the tricky parts.

In return, maybe you could invite them to the next party your friends are having?

Befriend your professors

Everyone loves the BLACK SHEEP. Despite what your professors may say, they will always enjoy the company and some side-jokes with the one that got away.

When you happen to attend their class, show them how smart and charismatic you are. They will sure cut you some slack!

Stick to the reading list

Now for the tricky part, exams. It’s always better to read about your syllabus beforehand at home. If you didn’t and it’s exam night, don’t jam-pack your mind with too much info.

By just reading all the material, you’re half way there. The next 50% relies completely on your writing skills, so make sure you give out a presentable paper!

Outsourcing is key

Progressive studying is better than binge-studying. Resort to online sources or private tutors to expand your knowledge of a certain course; this way you’re bound to perform well on your final exam without having to attend any classes.

Here, we spilled all our secrets. If you have different techniques, let us know in he comments, you never know who might need them!