Stuck on where to go this weekend? We’ve got a pretty tasty suggestion for you!


Winter in Egypt is getting a bit too real and if we’re gonna leave the house (which is a heavy task on its own), we wanna go somewhere warm and where we can consume yummy carbs to counterbalance our winter blues. Olivo, the fairly new pizza bar in Zamalek, is the perfect spot to fit your needs! It’s located on Taha Hussein Road, right next to President Hotel in Zamalek.

Even though the place is considered fairly small, that only means it’s nice and cozy! Also, we wanna be objective here, but Olivo honestly serves up the not only the best pizza in Cairo, but also the best Sangria, so make sure you’re not driving home.

If you’re the classic margherita kinda person, then we highly recommend the Pizza Buffala. The buffala mozzarella is so fresh, it will just melt in your mouth. Or, if you’re a bit more adventurous, go for the Pizza Napolitana with anchovies and capers. It’s honestly to die for.

Finish up your night with their delicious Nutella pizza and you’re guaranteed to leave with not only a full stomach, but also a happy heart.

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