As we all know life begins on a Thursday night, so your weekend outing should be a cherry pick. Therefore, we were on the hunt for you, and we didn’t come up empty handed.


Since we take your pleasure seriously, we suggest you visit Pottery Café at Tivoli Dome Heliopolis. It’s definitely the place to be on a weekend night.

Lip-smacking meals severed with passion and catering to all tastes, friendly service at the snap of our fingers, as well as the exceptional combination of tradition with modernity is what makes this place unique. Its exquisite interior features fragments of old walls which have been preserved and ingeniously blended with the modern decor.

Pottery mainly serves all kind of dishes but their beef dishes are quite exceptional. They also add variety to their menu according to the season and can satisfy even the most sophisticated culinary expectations of their customers.

Whether you’re going for lunch, dinner or just a quick coffee after a busy day, Pottery will always meet your needs.