Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is coming Y’all, and it is time to show all the Mamas out there some of the appreciation they deserve.

Don’t get me wrong; there’s nothing wrong with flowers and gifts! They are the whole foundation upon which the system of Mother’s Day is built. And you don’t mess with the foundation!

But you can revamp it a little. 

One thing we don’t often do with our moms is take them out on nice mother-daughter\ mother-son dates. Unless you are real tight with your mom and hang out all the time, in which case, more power to you!

But if you don’t, then Mother’s Day is the perfect chance for you to spend some serious quality time with your mom and give her a memory that will stay with her till next year’s Mother’s Day.

Here are the best places to take your mom to on Mother’s Day:

1. Arcades

When we were young, our moms used to take us to the Arcades all time, but instead of playing, they were focusing more on, you know… keeping us alive. Which is, however important, is not really that much fun.

So spending a crazy childish day together at the Arcades could be just what the doctor ordered for her and your relationship.

2. A Trip Back In Time

One very common factor between most moms is reminiscing, remembering their good ol’ days and feeling real nostalgic. So taking your mom to a vintage restaurant like Le Riad Hotel de Charme will have her travelling back in time and feeling like she is back to her young(er) days.

It is the place for her to feel pampered and still enjoy an authentic Egyptian meal just like the ones she cooks.

Source: Remood Places

A bonus note: It overlooks Al Moez St. so it will not just be lunch or dinner, you are in for some serious historical authentically Egyptian vibes!

3. Dream Park

I know what you are about to say, amusement parks are not for moms. But we’re not suggesting you take your mom who has heart problems on a discovery ride.

Dream Park has A LOT of non dangerous, fun activities like the water boat ride that goes around the entire park. It is safe, relaxing yet exhilarating. A fun-filled day will blow your mom’s mind and will make her feel young(er) again.

They deserve to go crazy too!

4. A Fancy Dinner Date

Not to stereotype or anything, but to most moms, especially Egyptian moms, fun equals fancy. And what’s fancier than a fancy dinner date at the Hilton!

Taking your mom out to a fancy restaurant like Aqua e Luce (Hilton Heliopolis) that serves delicious food in a fancy elegant atmosphere is guaranteed to hit just the spot!

It is about time we treat them like the queens that they are!

5. Shopping Date

Our moms have taken us on more shopping sprees than we can count. They always put us first. It is their turn now!

Take your mom to the mall closest to her heart (trust me she has one), and allow her to have the shopping spree of her life, make it ALL about her.

Just brace your bank account first… 

6. Breakfast\Brunch Date

If your mom is an early bird like mine, then an early morning date will make her extra happy. One of the best places to have a breakfast\brunch date is Eish & Malh.

Not only is the food ridiculously delicious, the vibes of the place will make you disconnect from the outer world. They have live Jazz music performances and an all wood decoration that will make you feel as if you are in a cozy little European bistro.

Taking her to a place like this and starting her morning on a positive note will not just give her a happy Mother’s Day, it will give your entire family a good-mood mama for a couple of days. And you can’t put a price on that, right?! 

These are the best ideas we could come up with when we started setting our Mother’s Day plans.

You might have better ideas, so don’t hold them back from us and tell us in the comments what out-of-the-box plans you have got for your mom this Mother’s Day!