While everyone is jumping for joy because it’s your big day, you try so hard to hide the fact that you’re feeling sick to your stomach just thinking about the wedding! You’re having bad dreams. The sight of your wedding dress fills you with dread. Nope, this is not your cue to call off the wedding; you are only experiencing pre-wedding jitters. You’re about to commit for the rest of your life and you’re staring that notion right in the eye, so the least you can do is have some cold feet. To get past these jitters, here are 5 efficient steps to consider.

1. Understand The Factors That Give You Stress

Yes, the wedding is the reason behind your stress, but which exact part? “Pre-wedding stress is as good as a set of complex equations, and half your problems will be solved the moment you realize exactly what is bugging you,” quotes Dr. Dinal Vora, MD, Homoeopathic Psychiatrist, and Wedding Counselor. Is it the arrangement? Your mother? You don’t like the venue…Pinpoint where exactly is your problem.

2. Have Heart-To-Heart Talks With A Close friend or A Family Member

Sometimes, all we need is a nice speech from someone who knows us inside out. Turn to trusted people to boost your confidence. Don’t be afraid to open up about the nitty-gritty. Those who really care for you can give you the comforting words you need to hear and calm your frazzled nerves. You don’t have to do everything on your own.

3. Talk To Your Groom To Be

Usually brides delay this step, fearing they might hurt their partner’s feelings, though in fact this should be one of your first steps. You’re merging your life with this person; your mess is his mess now. Most probably, he is having pre-wedding jitters too. Now, you both can discuss it and later laugh it off together.

4. Pamper Yourself

You’re the bride here, this is your license to get pampered. Schedule a relaxing trip to the spa for a massage, or a mani-pedi session at the salon. Unwind with a favourite movie. Spend some leisurely time at the park doing nothing stressful. Even if you’re busy, make time for this. Entertaining yourself is a great talisman against pre-wedding jitters of any kind.

5. Do Not Strive For Perfection All the Time

Well, perfection is like chasing a moving object! You will only end up breathless, and you won’t catch the damn thing. It is the root cause of anxiety. Recognize that there might be hitches; things about your special day may not go according to plan. Leave the small details for others to organize; that’s what wedding coordinators, family and friends are there for! Just focus on one thing; enjoying yourself, your partner and your day.

Pre-wedding jitters are annoying, but once you overcome them, a ball of excitement will take their place. Let the fun begin.