Do you remember the time when summer was all about family and was exclusive to few places only? Like old school Sahel and Alexandria? Yeah, those were the days, man!

Places like Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada and Nuweibaa were only for the cool edgy families who were so much into the wildlife (yeah, we envied their kids in school).

We don’t know what really happened there, but we know for sure that life was simpler and happier. Same goes for many places in Egypt. That we don’t think are bad, but we most definitely think have changed, for good!

Sahel, Party Life Extravaganza!

It’s not like we’re not fond of the beach parties happening 24/7 over at the North Coast. Because we most certainly, are. What bugs us about it though, is the fact that Sahel now is all about those parties. We kind of miss being able to enjoy the quiet Sahel life at some low-profile resort like we used to, years ago.

Dahab, the Never-ending Trend!

Over the past few years, Dahab has been the biggest trend for every summer. But we think, not for all the right reasons. Dahab is best known for being one of the coolest places for camping, hiking and diving. However, these probably come last in the list of people visiting the golden Sinai city nowadays. It’s now a haven for the bohemian wanna-bees!

Hurghada, Festivals Fiasco!

Hurghada has been rising with confidence to the top best vacation spots, and we love that. With festivals like El Gouna Film Festival Sandbox and many others, it only makes sense. The place is jam-packed with celebrities and mega events pretty much all-year long. But before all that, Gouna was just about the coral reefs, lagoons, open desert spaces and basically the full “going back to Mother Nature” experience. We’ve drifted so much apart, right?

Alexandria, in Winter!

If we’re talking nostalgia, the list must include the beautiful Greek themed Alexandria. Our long forgotten childhood memories all lay there and it just seems that there’s something about it we can’t let go. Now, if we ever do, we only care to visit it in winter, which is okay given all the summer crowds, but it’s still sad we forget it for the rest of the year. There is plenty to do there; we definitely recommend visiting the Royal Jewelery Museum!

Disclaimer: We are not judging people who choose to vacation the new way. On the contrary, we think it generates great revenue and good for tourism for the country.  We only miss the simpler versions of vacation.