It is an unfortunate reality that all of us as women have to face at some point during our lives, and us as Egyptian women are especially prone to this phenomena.

Stretch marks as well as cellulite can ruin the perfect image of beauty we have in our minds, which can end up with our feeling of dissatisfaction and resentment of our bodies. But we have a point, simply because when is the last time any of us have seen a bikini model in a photo spread with stretch marks or cellulite? The answer is never.

We as women are exposed to images of how we should look on a daily basis. The growing number of media outlets falsely portray an image of perfect beauty to us (and to our beaus) every second, but the ugly truth that we constantly forget is that what we see is not physically attainable. The models in the pictures do not really look like that; nobody in the world looks like that.

Supermodel Cindy Crawford once said, “I wish I looked like Cindy Crawford.” And that was back when they only did airbrushing before the glories of Photoshop were widely to our disposal. 

We all know but are accustomed to ignore, that pictures in magazines are not just snaps that were taken one sunny day at the beach with a normal camera and sent to print straight away. We all know but fail to remember that that model was subject to hours upon hours of professional hair, make-up, lighting, photography, and editing that leaves null space for even the tiniest of imperfections to appear to us in retrospect.

Nobody looks like this…

They probably just look like this…

Cellulite and stretch marks are an inherent part of the human body that are extremely hard to get rid of. The media that makes you believe that models don’t have cellulite is the same media that markets products to rid you of your cellulite. Do you see the connection?

Cellulite is often formed after puberty. It is a natural way of how your body stores fat it is not the grim reaper. 


The dimpling or uneven surface is the result of normal fat accumulation between the muscle and the skin, whilst fibrous connective chords pull them together. So, the accumulation of fat pushes up against the skin whilst the chords pull down towards the muscle causing a dimpled surface.

Do not mistake this to mean that only fat people have cellulite. Having fat cells does not mean you’re fat we all have fat cells in our bodies it’s a part of human anatomy even the skinniest of people have it.

Hence, contrary to popular belief, cellulite is not the result of unhealthy diets, laziness, or negative energy. It is merely a part of the building blocks of your body (if you may) and is completely and utterly natural. 80-90% of women in the world have cellulite. Do you know what this means? It means that swimsuit models have cellulite, vegans have cellulite, athletes have cellulite, Neanderthal women had cellulite and last but not least celebrities have cellulite.

Similarly, stretch marks are a genetic phenomenon that occurs as a result of your body changing size and hence your skin expanding and contracting (during things like pregnancy), and it is also an extremely common phenomena; 90% of women have stretch marks.

That being said, allow me to NOT give you a long list of “tips and tricks” advertising beauty products, sports clubs, and surgical procedures of how to get rid of cellulite and stretch marks. Rather, let me give you a list of how not to waste your time and money on myths hat will hardly help you at all.

-Drinking water will reduce cellulite. False.

-A healthy diet will prevent cellulite. False.

-Liposuction is the answer to cellulite. False.

-Cellulite will disappear if you go on a detox diet. False.

-Skin Firming creams can cure cellulite and stretch marks. False.

-Cardio reduces cellulite and stretch marks. False.

-Buying certain clothes to help reduce cellulite. False.

-Losing weight will help you get rid of stretch marks. False.

There is no guarantee that any procedure or activity or product will get rid of these natural imperfections of your body. I am not going to sell you lies. But always remember that it is a good thing to stay healthy and fit for the sake of your health, and psychological well-being. As our Selah El Telmeez once told us in primary school “Al 3akl al saleem fee al gesm al saleem”.

The answer to this problem comes from within. You should understand that nothing is more sexy than confidence. That doesn’t mean that you should stop trying to beautify yourself, on the contrary. Just do the best you can to look good without hating the small things you simply cannot change but can only hide. Did you know that Beyoncé wears four pairs of stockings while performing to keep her jiggle intact? Had she not generously volunteered with that little statistic we would have gone through our lives mistakenly thinking that she was just naturally hella tight when she isn’t. We all have problems with our bodies but in the end we must learn to accept and work around them.

For future reference though, the next time you’re flipping through Vogue or Elle, do me a favour and recite these words three times to yourselves, “it’s all just an illusion”, and keep reminding yourself of that until it sticks. Your life will change.