Enjoying Your Own Company

We’ve all had moments when we felt like we had no one in this entire world, hadn’t we? Moments where we wanted to go certain places or wanted to try certain things but just didn’t because, well, there was no one to try those things with.

What if we told you that being alone (romantically or otherwise) isn’t the end of the world, though? In fact, being alone can signal the start of a whole new chapter in which you can easily start enjoying your own company.

Understand that you need to do you…literally

There comes a time in every person’s life where they have to focus on themselves and do things for their own sake, even if they find no one to keep them company.

In that vein, we all need to realize that we can’t discard or postpone things just because we don’t want to do them alone. Why miss out on things that interest us when we can just join in?

Go to exhibits, museums, events, movies alone

If you’re uncomfortable in enjoying yourself alone, start your baby steps by going to a few events alone. Check out whichever museum or gallery that’s around and visit it alone.

Soon enough, you’ll muster enough courage for the ultimate Self-Journey test: the movies. And let’s just tell you this, you won’t regret this one bit because no you don’t have to wait until a movie only you wanted to see comes out online.

Know that the public absolutely does not care

We know that the one thing that makes about 90% of people scared to hang out alone is the fear that everyone else sees them being alone. And we’re glad to say we’ve got some good news for them here.

To put it blankly, no one cares that you’re out alone and most times, people won’t give you a second glance unless your hair is dyed neon pink. Take it easy, honestly.

Maybe keep in mind that people’s online lives tend to be shams

While hanging out alone and going on an Instagram run because why the hell not, you’ll see that people seem like they’re always off doing new things and having a different adventure every day.

The key word here is “seem”. Social media rarely tells the truth and once you keep that in mind, your stressing will be at bay.

Eat alone and eat a lot

You’ll love this bit. Use your me-time to eat everything you want to eat and be completely unabashed while doing so.

If you’re a picky eater or pretend to be full so you don’t have to eat too much in public with others, here’s your chance to finally do so. Heads up, though, food tastes much better when you’re not worrying about enjoying it.

Remember, being alone doesn’t mean you’re lonely.