For all the Eid travelers out there, you’re about to have the struggle of packing for your trip. We feel you, and know how hard packing is, especially packing light. Since it’s a four-day vacation, it’s very possible to keep your packing to a minimal and manage traveling with a small carry-on, or even just a backpack. Here are some tips and tricks to pack lightly for a short trip .

Know the packing basics


Most travelers struggle with packing because they don’t know how to utilize the space in their suitcases. Take five minutes to see the spaces in your bag and try to figure out how to use them instead of throwing everything in.

Pick your clothes wisely

Pack clothes that can be easily folded, and don’t have many layers. Make sure that they won’t be needing ironing if they get a bit wrinkled.

Let your traveling outfit be the outfit that would take the biggest space in your bag, preferably jeans. The recommended items to bring with you are: 4 shirts, 1 pair of shorts, 1 pair of pants, 1 skirt, 2 swimsuits, 8 underwear, and 1 pair of PJs.

Be smart with the styling

Pick clothes that are easy to style. A white shirt can change looks numerous times, as well as a fit black dress. Try to pack a few light scarfs. They can change your whole look!


Keep rolling


Roll your clothes into each other, and roll them after with a towel. It’ll save you space when you’re packing, and will let your cloth not get as wrinkled.

Or Vacuum seal


Vacuum sealing might be the best thing that ever happened to humanity! They save so much space for packers if you managed to use it. Just make sure you have it with you when you actually travel, or you’ll be screwed when you’re packing to get back home!

Don’t be a shoeolic!

Don’t pack a lot of shoes! Wear your big shoes when you’re traveling, so you can pack extra slippers, and maybe a pair of heels.

Pack your shoes in shower caps


They’ll take little space, and it won’t let the shoe come in contact with your clothes.

Pill boxes are your best friend


Instead of bringing big bottles of shampoos and tooth pastes, you could put some in pills boxes to save you some space. You could also use it to save your accessories in them. Just make sure they’re wrapped in a plastic bag so they won’t spill. They can be found at any pharmacy.

Put your wires in a sunglasses case


You could end up unpacking all the suitcase to find one single charger or wire. Save them all together, without having them tangled and lost with the clothes.

Don’t unpack everything as soon as you travel!

Many think that unpacking and repacking is a great idea while traveling, but nope! Make sure you unpack only the things you want, and when you’re done with whatever you unpacked, repack it. You then won’t forget how everything was packed in the first place, saving you a lot of time repacking.