Woman getting a massage

Whether you’re single or in a relationship on Valentine’s Day, you shouldn’t hold back from treating yourself. If you’re taken, consider it a chance to have a full day of lavish preparations before your big date night out and if you’re single, consider it an opportunity to celebrate self-love and unwind your worries away. After all, the best investment you can make is in yourself. So here are a few ideas and recommendations on how you can spoil yourself on the International day of love.

Get a Massage and a Facial

Who would turn down a day of relaxation and meditation at the Spa? There are endless types of massages you can go for on the big day, ranging from a full-body Thai massage to a simple foot reflexology massage. Whatever type you choose, it’ll guarantee the rest of your night is stress-free. Also, why not go the extra mile and indulge in a hydrating or brightening facial. It’ll leave your skin looking radiant and silky-smooth not just on Valentine’s Day but for weeks after.

Woman Getting Facial Treatment --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Recommendation: Spa at Four Seasons Nile Cairo, Nile Plaza


Shop ‘til you drop

Whoever says money can’t buy happiness, clearly didn’t know where to shop. Why not splurge on a new sexy dress and a dazzling pair of heels? (Why not go for the matching purse too?) You’re worth it! I mean you’re already gorgeous whatever you wear, but perhaps a new dress will give you that extra push of confidence. It’ll also definitely be worth it when you see the look on your partner’s face or when you finally get the attention of that cute guy you’ve been eyeing for a while.


Recommendation: City Stars, Heliopolis and Cairo Festival City, New Cairo


Indulge in a Fancy Breakfast

“Eat breakfast like a King” well, queen in this case and indeed we shall. Obviously, having a big healthy breakfast should be an everyday thing, but why not go out for a delicious fancy breakfast or brunch with your girls before the big day ahead. It could be just the push-start you need to either turn the rest of your day upside down if you’re feeling especially down or stressed, or boost your excitement and energy if you have a big long night coming up.


Recommendation: Garden Promenade Cafe, Cairo Marriott Hotel, Zamalek


Contour it up

Why not treat yourself to a make up session by a professional make up artist? You can perhaps get that Kardashian contouring that everyone is spazzing about. You can also go for whatever make-up look you’ve been dying to try out but couldn’t get the hang of (even after watching endless YouTube tutorials!) You’ll get that show-stopper look for your date or girls’ night out and also learn some new make-up tricks!


Recommendation: La Coupe, Dusit Thani, New Cairo


Get a Blow Out

Whether or not you’re going out, you should treat yourself to either a quick natural blow dry at the hair salon (which should up to a whole week) or if you have a fancy dinner lined up, you can go for a more elaborate red-carpet like up do; I mean how often do you get the chance to go all out? The massage you get after your hair wash doesn’t hurt either!


Recommendation: Mohammed Al Sagheer Salons, Various Locations around Cairo