So, we’ve all launched into one big binge-watching party, didn’t we? With this much time off, that’s understandable too. While we’re spending our time hopping from one series to the next, we should still do our best to stay informed.

If you want to stock up your medical knowledge arsenal but you don’t want to lose yourself in the wide-open sea of medical info, we have a treat for you. Netflix’s docu-series, Pandemic: How to Prevent An Outbreak.


When Netflix released Pandemic, everyone was understandably more than a little dubious and frazzled. Especially because its timing was smack dab in the middle of the Coronavirus outbreak. Here’s the thing, though–Pandemic isn’t about Corona, even though it offers a lot that can help us understand it.

In this 6-episode docu-series, we follow medical professionals and disaster experts as they try to answer the big looming question.

When will the next pandemic arise and what do we need to fight it?

While that might not sound good, these professionals tell us there can still be a happy ending, while explaining how outbreaks start.

We spend a lot of time with these professionals too. We follow one doctor as she tries to prepare New York hospitals for an expected flu pandemic and a team of scientists trying to create a one-shot flu vaccine for third-world countries, among others trying to research just how do these pandemics work.

The series, mostly centered around the flu as a pandemic, discusses the sources of flu viruses around the world and how inclined they are to be globally viral. It also delves into the many dangers of the hospital system as well as spending quite some time tackling the world’s last dangerous virus, Ebola.

What we can learn for Coronavirus and everything else

Although Pandemic was filmed before the Corona widespread, according to the show’s executives, you’re still probably planning to watch it to know anything concerning the virus. So, you’ll be glad to know that there is a lot of reliable info.

In one episode, the doctors and other professionals explain what you yourself can do to combat the show-centric flu, which is helpful because many of the methods mentioned are similar to how we’re supposed to be fighting Corona.

And while many of the methods may seem too easy or too little, the little things could and would have an insane impact in preventing and easing contagion.

In this documentary, there are many, many more things that we can learn too, but perhaps the most important thing we’ll walk away with is knowledge, in of itself. This knowledge will, at least, satisfy our morbid curiosity and will lend us, hopefully, some much-needed optimism.

Watch Pandemic, a little more knowledge won’t hurt.