By: Dahlia Elhalawany

Our parents have been ruling the social media game lately. But sometimes their activities on their social media platforms whether Facebook, Instagram or else have made us crack up with all these cool parent things. Here are a few examples:

Like/Comment/Share Before the Devil Stops You  

Your parent must have been there sometime, you can’t deny it. Pressing ‘like’ or writing a comment because they’re actually afraid that the devil might stop them or because they don’t want to go to hell!

Weird Comments on Your Pictures   

Sometimes you worry about updating your profile picture so your mom’s friend or your aunt doesn’t comment with a photo of a blue hand so “El 3een matmsksh feek”. I’m not Jennifer Aniston ya tante!

The Quoted Nature Pictures

Apparently, the photographer spent hours snapping that picture so that it could be quoted and used as a morning and night message among your parent’s friends!

The Sharing Championship

Our parents brag about how much they share each week with their friends, and about how cool their posts were. “Shofty ya fatakat ele 3amltlo share embareh”!

The Selfies Showers

They are blessing your timeline man, even though the selfie should be mentioned in ‘selfies got wrong’. How can you seriously not laugh about their face directly on your timeline?

How Proud They Are

Even though it can be a little bit embarrassing when they share it and write embarrassing captions, but they will always be our number one fans!

Even though parents can be weird on the internet but the actual truth is that we sort of like it. Whenever you’re feeling bored, you can actually stalk their social media interactions and I can assure you’ll have a good laugh!