effehat el aflam

After we have seen your enthusiasm and level of professionalism when it comes to ‘Effehat el Aflam‘, we thought that we needed to up our game a little bit and add another list of movies that you need to watch.

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#1: Wesh Egram

That friend that is always high is exactly like Henedy in this movie, ‘Mahadesh shaf bo2 hena ya gama3a‘.

#2: Abou Aly

When you want to connect with the inner ‘Shabeeh’ in you, then you become Sooka el 3abita for a while.

#3: Harameya fe Thailand

Whenever we are about to make a huge speech or make a confession, we get this image in our heads. ‘Hanan ehhhh…. Ibrahim ehhhh…

#4: Morgan Ahmed Morgan

Kabar el ‘G’ we rawa2 el ‘D” is a life motto to some people! Why not take things more lightly?

#5: Hamam fe Amsterdam

Dana kont baheb sandal fe masr‘ is what we all say when we see a hot guy/girl that is better looking than our ex or previous crush.

#6: 3askar Fel Mo3askar

You know when the love story is so consuming yet the people are enjoying it? ‘El hob wala3 fel dora‘.

#7: El Tagroba El Danemarkeya

Gawezni el bent de we takhod 50 bagara‘; I guess that is our new ‘mahr‘.

#8: Teer Enta

Talama in public with no feelings, so what?‘ How many times have we used this phrase just to say that we need to be a little bit more flexible?

#9: Zaki Shan

Kont 3aref eno no alafekra‘ never gets old whenever you get rejected.

#10: 3asal Eswed

From ‘seeb el shaket‘ to ‘I am habby, za nile za river‘, this movie is a must see, especially with Emmy’s accent.

#11: 3aris mn Geha Amneya

The actual meaning of ‘Ehna beneshteri ragel‘! That is almost always the case whenever both families of the bride and the groom meet with a crazy jealous father.