We love to PARTY!!! And there’s nothing wrong with that, but sometimes these parties could really be a drag more than a fun party. It has become a trend in Egypt; themed parties are becoming obnoxious and pretentious. Here are some party trends that have to stop immediately…as in right NOW!

Galabeya Parties


It’s understandable when foreigners make, or attend, Galabeya parties. But when Egyptians do, it just doesn’t make any sense, not to mention, offensive as well. There’s nothing exciting about it, we all wear Galabeyas at home. Pretending that you’re super excited about it only makes you look pathetic.

Girls, you’re not Nancy Agram and you don’t look hot in it, so stop trying. Guys, stop wearing white Galabeyas because we could literally see your underwear!

Dish Parties


Let’s be realistic, no one cooks their own dish at a dish party. We end up awkwardly taking the “7ala” with us to the place of the party, spill half of it on ourselves, and end up bringing what everyone got – Ferakh panee. By the time you start eating, the food will either be cold or even spoilt, so why don’t we just give the party host the money and we deliver food and save ourselves the trouble?

Surprise Parties


When you randomly pass by a friend at his place the day of their birthday and take them out, they know it’s a surprise party. They know…

St. Patrick’s Parties


I’m not against drinking, but why do we celebrate this day?  Does anyone even know who St. Patrick is? Do you know why you wear green? Do you realize you’re not Irish?

Birthday Parties in public places


Go out and celebrate all you want, but please don’t sing “yalla 7alan balan” up loud and disturb everyone around you. You really don’t have to sing, and you could celebrate your birthday without disturbing 50+ people with you. Ah, walahy! You could simply avoid it, especially if waiters get involved and start singing too!

Falouka Parties


By playing “Sha3by” in a falouka and dancing like a manic, you’re disturbing people from Zamalek, to Agouza till Maadi. Party in private, they don’t want to party with you!!

Underage Parties


Yup, sadly it’s a trend now. Underage parties are basically parties for kids under the age of 18 in a rented place and they drink and do drugs. Usually these parties are organized by adults. I’d like to think that pedophilia isn’t involved, but it probably is. Please stop this, please!