Following her recent arrival in the Middle East, Payal Mehta, the founder and designer of the bespoke jewellery brand ‘Payal New York’ has released her perfect gift list for Valentine’s Day.

Payal New York is the first independent jewellery company and the first female designer ever to partner with the annual Bal des Débutantes, an invitation only event in Paris that has showcased couture designs by Dior, Ellie Saab and Oscar de la Renta. Each of the attending debutantes, handpicked from the highest social circles worldwide, were presented in Payal NY pieces.

Each unique piece combines the influences of the founder with her unique style, bringing the initial sketches of her designs to life. As the designer puts it herself; “Creating jewellery as wearable works of art fulfils my sense of purpose in the world.”

The full range of options is viewable below, with further images and information available on demand.

The Bird Collection earrings


18 w/g sap /dima/milkr dia bead earings

sap 108pcs

pm milky dia beads 329pcs

black biam 6pcs

white bia 227 pcs ; 2carart

gross weight : 37.63

Derived from the concept of birds flying across the sky, the first sketch of this piece is still visible in the final production.

The darker coloured diamonds have a similar hue to the sky, and are strung together to create the shadow and dimension seen in the original sketches.

Aqua blue sapphires frame the piece, a stone with amazing colour and transparency. The birds are presented represent both flying and sitting birds; representing the energy of flying birds and the subtle elegance of sitting birds.

The Starburst necklace


Gold weight:       53gms

Gross weight :   56.4

Carat weight:     19carart

The Starburst necklace is designed to look as if it was a part of the skin, creating a tattoo effect as it cascades down from the neck. The light touch of the stones with their delicate connection to each other ensures that the piece has a very light, sensual feeling.

The length of the piece was very important during the creation process, as it is designed to fall ower down on the body than a more traditional necklace. The use of yellow and black golds create the starburst look, imbuing the feelings of watching fireworks into the wearer.

As with Payal’s other creations, the first sketches of the design can be seen in the final product, with the shadow effect the piece has relaying the fact that the original sketch was done in charcoal.