By: Nour Ayman El Bassiouny


Compliments, comments, advice and criticism; a combination of all the encounters you face the second you announce your choices and concerns to the world, despite their compliance or rejection. Those choices, which do not harm anyone, are still criticized as long as they do not fit within the “acceptable” category, which is not based on anything but the life choices the listener made or regrets making, along with what he/she is missing in their life. To lessen the negativity a little, some people may advise you positively, providing you with examples of current real life situations in order to make you hold on to your choices or forget about them before digging too deep.

I sturdily believe that what others have been through should not be neglected when making valuable life decisions about marriage, career, etc.., but I’m absolutely resistant to basing your life on someone’s else experience.


The notion of relying on what happened in someone else’s life is adequate to make you more cautious about your future decisions, especially those table-turning ones, but the idea of completely and blindly basing all your decisions on someone else’s experience is absurd.


Speaking from a life perspective, God was able to create all of us, despite all the differences in race, color, ethnicity or even name, with distinct DNAs. How can you foresee your future circumstances based on someone’s else, when God himself was able to create us with different fingerprints? Sometimes we leave situations in God’s hands, asking for his blessing, so how can we simply base our outcomes on anyone’s else?


Besides relying on God and strongly believing that He is going to do the best for you, you shall always be ready to pay your cheque. For instance, you relied on someone’s else experience and took life decisions accordingly, who is going to deal with your consequences? What if everything went against your plan? You are the one stuck within all the circumstances; you are the one who is going to be trapped within a circle of hatred! You won’t only hate yourself, but you are also going to hate others and blame them for your situation. However, those people, even though they promised that their opinions are life facts, are not to be blamed and cannot repair any damages.


At the end, you pay for your own cheque! Whether you chose to blindly follow your dreams or merely rely on others’ experiences, you still end up paying your own cheque. With all of life clichés and common sayings, pick what is right for you and do it. Your life is sewed to fit your decisions and not someone’s else. Your life is more of a Nintendo game; yet, you cannot start all over once you lose all your lives.