Commitment issues is a term that is constantly being thrown around everywhere around us. We hear people complain that the person they’re interested in has issues with commitment and it’s like the worst trait someone can have. But we, people with commitment issues, have a few things to say to you guys!

1- Our freedom is important to us

Nothing means more to us than our freedom. We will literally run the other way if we ever feel it’s threatened. We might not even use our freedom much, but its existence is crucial.


2- We hate labels  

Relationship, friends with benefits, open marriage. They’re all just labels that don’t mean anything. Why do we have to categorize when we can just enjoy other people’s company in whichever way we want without actually naming it something. This is so foreign to the outside world.


3- Fear of missing out

We want to explore and take all the opportunities that life throws at us but being committed to someone might get in the way. What if we meet our soulmate but we miss out on them because we’re already committed? What if we get the most amazing job offer but we have to move for it and having a significant other complicates that?


4- Future planning is scary

A year from now? That’s too long; what if I wanna drop everything and travel the world? Or what if I decide to change careers, change my hair color or change my friends? I can’t keep something consistent for a year.


5- You can’t fathom the idea of being with one person for the rest of your life

Marriage is such an abstract concept for you. What? One person? for the rest of your life. Like, you can’t be with anyone else? Ever? EVER?!


6- Just because we don’t want to put a label on, it doesn’t mean we don’t love you

Our emotional state has nothing to do with our relationship status. I love you; I just don’t wanna put a label on it. We could even end up being committed by accident and not feel like seeing other people, as long as it comes naturally and we don’t feel chained. But ask us to say that we’re in a relationship? No way!


We can’t help it! Trust us. We would rather not have these issues, but we can’t help it. Something effed us up and we can’t seem to get over it.