The talent for being slightly insensitive at all times is truly staggering.

We all know it, we all possess it (to a degree), though we hope most of us also possess manners. Recently, we’ve been given much reason to doubt this.

It takes a lot to be a total jerk to someone while they’re grieving a loved one’s passing yet some people apparently have the time.

“Let’s Forget Everything and Mock El-Fishawy When He’s Literally At His Father’s Funeral”

On July 25th, we lost renowned actor Farouk El-Fishawy to cancer. At his funeral, his son, actor Ahmed El-Fishawy, was obviously devastated and in tears.

Not that it did anything to make everyone sympathize.

Many harsh opinions made themselves known online. Among them, several asked if it was acceptable for Fishawy to pray or even enter a mosque if he’s tattooed and pierced.

Because, you know, this is the time. Please note the sarcasm.

Fishawy tweet

Fishawy tweet #2

People Need The Self-Assessment

The saddest thing about these people’s reactions, aside from the complete ruthlessness displayed, is that it’s not even new.

Consider any time, literally any time, a celebrity or someone in the public eye is at a funeral or is being dealt a hand of misery.

Usually, the first thing a decent person might think is ‘oh, this is unfortunate‘ or ‘may they be okay‘, but it’s not the case for everyone.

Some people actually enjoy seeing misfortune happen to people so they can heavily judge them and click their tongues because ‘you reap what you sow‘.


When has this type of heartlessness become so prevalent in our country?

Before you make the sarcastic remark you’re dying to make, letย us just note that at one point people weren’t a 100% malicious all the time.

Now, it’s a different story. For some reason, some find it acceptable to judge or criticize people at moments that they really should wait.

We shouldn’t even say things like ‘put yourselves in their shoes‘ because you don’t need to do that to sympathize with someone.

God Complexes and Tattoos

This is not even mentioning the level the superiority complex has gotten to.

What kind of person in any religion on any facet of this good earth has the power to go around judging peopleย in their grief? Where were you ordained to freely ban people from the mosque or from prayer?

Also, while it’s common knowledge that a tattoo isn’t sticker-removable, some seem to miss that completely.

It’s also common knowledge that Ahmed El-Fishawy has tattoos. Why were people surprised he showed up at the funeral and was still tattooed?

Aside from the painful reactions to a man at a funeral, some reactions showed that some people did try to put an end to the mess, showing us there is still hope.

Fishawy tweet

Fishawy tweet

Dislikingย a person for their stances or beliefs isn’t a get-out-of-jail-free ticket to act like you’re above emotion.

There’s a big difference between being critical at the right moment and being frankly heartless when it’s uncalled for. No excuses.