There are different types of people co-existing on the social media. We love some, hate some, but at the end we are one of them!!

1-The Love Birds

A daily dose of the cute, cheesy, lovie dovie pictures, posts and comments!

1-Love birds

Please Do!! But tell her in private, we don’t have to hear all about it!

2-The Whiney “Drama Queen”

Those never share good news; they are always whining about something. “LIFE SUCKS, WORK SUCKS, TRAFFIC SUCKS”


3-The Show Off “El Mo7des”

They buy presents or go shopping, and post pictures to brag about it , and when they travel they show off with more pictures!!

Ex soap star Daniella Westbrook seen out in London's trendy Bond Street. London, UK.

#Burberry #Fashion #Trendy #Baby

4-The Paranoid

Their statuses are always like “Kefaya 7asad”, while their Instagram captions would be something like  “Back off stalker”. They act as if the whole world is ou to get them!!


5-The Narcissist

They love themselves so much that they post a selfie every couple of minutes. A yawny selfie..A sleepy selfie.. A funny selfie.. Enough with your vain selfies already.


6-The Sneaky “El Khabees”

All their statuses are vendictive and are usually in the form of a hidden message to an ex-boyfriend, boss, best friend whom they are not on good terms with anymore. They try to be sneaky about it, but come on we all know whom  you’re referring to !! You might as well text them directly!!


7-The Observer

Those rarely post anything, like or comment. However you find them aware of  all your updated life events and maybe discuss it with you too! They’re just out there!! Watching you!


8-The Stalker

They keep following people they don’t even know, and you realize they know everything about all your friends when they actually don’t even know them.


9-The Politicians

They are always discussing “Politics”, expressing their point of views about the current events, and rebelling against what’s happening in the country. They’re just DEEP!!

political 2

10-The Religious

Always posting Quran or Bible verses, religious videos, and so on !! Nothing else but that !


11-The Wise

They are always posting things about life, optimism, spirituality and so on! They always have something inspiring to share !


12-The Always Depressed “El 7azin”

Those always post statuses about loneliness, or about how they seem fine on the outside but are dying inside!! They are constantly reminding us that they’re down, but when you ask them why or check on them they just tell you that they’re fine!! Why are you projecting a sad image if you’re not accepting any outside help?!


13-The Blind

They literally like anything and everything even a status that might say: ” R.I.P. Grandpa”!! They blindly like without reading!


14-The Neutral

And Finally those who combine bits and pieces from everyone on this list!! They’re the most SANE TOO!!