We all get the feeling of being uncomfortable in certain social situations. Shrinking guts before a meeting or a sweaty palm before giving a presentation…

Going public or meeting a punch of strangers is something that makes most people nervous but they eventually get over it. Stuff like small talk and making eye-contact with people could be weird but still “normal” for most people.

This should not be mistaken with social anxiety or “social Phobia.” Because if you have social anxiety, those situations will be too much to handle; that other aspects of your life will be affected, too!

So, when to know when your social anxiety exceeds just being shy or introverted?

Anxiety is normal and can actually help you nail that presentation or get to the work deal. However, it becomes a problem when it’s misplaced or happens all the time.

Having a difficulty concentrating, Irritability, muscle tension and restlessness could be some symptoms you have to deal with more often than not. Though they may seem okay, they are definitely red signs when they happen on daily basis!

Beware The Triggers

Starting a conversation, visiting relatives, going to parties, going to school or work, all could be triggers. Even eating in front of other people could be a REAL trigger!

You usually experience such difficulties in fear of being humiliated, judged or simply noticed by others.

The things that will leave you with hyper-arousal, stomach pain and a rapid heartbeat for quite sometime.

But let’s be realistic, you can’t just go avoiding those situations, altogether, for the rest of your life. And it shouldn’t be okay to suffer in silence, either.

What you need to do is to start opening up about it to your close ones. She should understand and make it easier for you.

And seek immediate help from a professional. Don’t worry, its nothing too serious. But ignoring it will only make matters worse!

A Social Anxiety Disorder or Generalized Anxiety Disorder is usually treated by talk therapy or medications. Depending on then severity of each case. Sometimes it needs both!