Dina El Sherbiny

During the opening ceremony of El Gouna Film Festival (GFF), social media users were all eyes on the red carpet; a customary practice in any event that involves big celebrity appearances! People watching usually play fashion police and rate the looks and gowns of their favourite celebs.

It is never out of the ordinary to have red carpet fails. Some celebrities really rock it with their fashion choices, and others just simply don’t. That’s just how it is without any over-analyzing. With that being said, that is never an excuse to tear those people down in the worst way possible; and it does not and will never give us the right to question their talents or degrade them as humans by any means. We can criticise the look, choice of dress, fabric, colour… but definitely not skin colour and human characteristics!!!

However, it seems like all of that was not even slightly taken into account by those who enjoyed bullying Dina El Sherbiny on all social media platforms on the GFF’s opening ceremony night.

Shortly after the photos had come out, people on social media started criticizing Dina El Sherbiny’s overall look from head to toe that it totally got out of hand. And instead of just focusing on her look, like they did with the rest of the celebritiy appearances, some harsh words started circulating about her in general.

We all definitely know the whole deal with her and Egyptian superstar Amr Diab, and how most people are reacting as if she stole him from them ever since it all started. To be frank, it was funny at first because nobody thought it would be that serious or get to that extreme. The funny comments and memes slowly turned into a series of unnecessary and uncalled for daily attacks on the actress. Additionally, some people just can’t stop with the constant redundant comparisons between her and Amr Diab’s ex wife, actress Sherine Reda! The actual reasons why it got this far with some people, are unknown.

That GFF night, while some people were busy actually watching the festival and talking about that dress, this tux or that movie, others were sharing posts and writing comments about how awful Dina El Sherbiny looked and how unworthy she is of Amr Diab.

For instance, most of the opinions on her dress were not too agreeable, as it really was not the best choice according to many. We even included her on our ‘Worst Dressed’ list, but the situation really got out of hand. It was never just about a look or a dress, people on social media knowingly shared bad quality photos of her taken from weird angles just to make her look bad and prove whatever point they have, while the same people shared pretty photos of other celebrities!

In a related context, it seems like the controversial issue grabbed Syrian actress Kinda Aloush’s attention that she decided to take to Twitter to call the bullies out!

Shortly after the tweet, other people came to express their support on social media, as some started to realize that what’s happening ain’t funny anymore. It’s simply called cyberbullying, and it is not okay.

Cyberbullying’s definition is simply known to be: “The process of using the Internet, cell phones or other devices to send or post text or images intended to hurt or embarrass another person.” Jus in case anybody thinks this does not fall under cyberbullying or anything!

The fact that those actors or singers are human too is often forgotten, and people act as if they automatically earn the right to harshly bash them just because they put themselves in the public eye. It’s not out of the ordinary if we criticize or even make fun of someone or something, because we’re not going to deceive ourselves, it happens and not too many things can be done about it; but everything has limits and Dina El Sherbiny’s ordeal seems to have surpassed every single one of them!


Finally, there’s no problem with criticism, especially if it’s the constructive type, but purposely bashing someone in the cruelest ways possible when they never personally caused you any harm is just a bit too much. Don’t you think?