With a lot of fish in the sea, and dating becoming an essential part of commitment, you’ll find yourself sifting through a lot of dirt before finding “the one.” You’ll feel like giving up from the people you’ve given a chance, relate to shows like Sex and the City, and keep waiting for your very own Mr. Big. Here are all “the ones” you’ll meet before you really find “THE one.”


1-The one who wants to “y2abel baba”


Or the one who wants you to “te2abel baba”

You just met this person and are getting to know them, but they’re already planning the wedding and how many kids you’ll have together. Even though it might not sound like a bad thing, reality is they’re the worst! They only want commitment and will settle for basically anyone who meets their unoriginal standards. You’re nothing special to them, and never will be.

2-The 0ne who screwed you up


AKA: the asshole

This one shattered your life, and made you have some major trust issues. You felt worthless and for awhile were convinced that you’ll never love again.

3-The one who wants to marry their mum

Sometimes dad, sister, or brother

They compare you to their family members all the time. Their relationship with them is creepy and uncomfortable. They’ll never find you good enough because they’re blinded by their family members, and because of that, their family won’t respect you either.

4-The 0ne your parents hate


“Ana msh fahma 3agbek fe eh?”

Whatever your partner does, your parents hate it. They could win the Nobel Prize, and your parents would still think they’re a douche. You’ll eventually give up on them trying to like them, or they’ll influence your decision and you’ll leave him/her.

5-The one your parents love more than you

They love your partner more than you love him/her, and even more than they love you

They love them so much, you’ll start hating your partner and might even get jealous. They’ll keep pushing you to marry them, and they’ll do all sorts of embarrassing things that might make your partner freak out and leave. But if you broke up, all hell would break loose on the home front!

6-The one who never grows up


They think they’re Peter Pan

When you first start dating, you’ll think they’re a mature person who could have your child. Then you realize they never really grew up. Life is all about fun and games for them, and most likely they’re either unemployed or have a dead end career, and doesn’t mind it!

7-The one that got away

And you’ll never get over them

This person was the perfect fit for you, your everything, and everything was great. What went wrong? No one knows! You’ll never know. They’ll always be the one that got away in your head.

8-The one who never wants to settle down


“I’m still not ready for commitment!”

You’ve been together for years, you love each other, but they still doesn’t want to commit. It makes sense if you’re both young, but when you’re both old enough for serious commitment, it might be a bit of trouble. They never give a reason for not wanting to commit, and you’ll eventually get bored and leave.

9-The one who made you know exactly what you want

Whether it’s a good relationship or not

You could hate them so much, you’ll want to find the exact opposite of him. And maybe everything was good, but they made you know yourself so much to the point of knowing what you want in a partner. But they’ll never be THE one.

10-The actual 0ne

The one you’ve been waiting for


They might be everything you thought you were looking for, or surprise you and be the exact opposite. Whatever they may be, they’re the one you want to be with forever. You’ll be thankful for all the people you’ve been with before, because now you’ll appreciate “the one” more than you ever would have.