via Pepsi

Every year, we follow the Gouna Film Festival (GFF) for news on who wore what and who went where, but this year, we followed them for more than that. Pepsi had a few surprises up its sleeves and we can’t wait to see what more they actually have in store.

Pepsi Is Bringing Us A Few Surprises

Film festivals are never complete without a bunch of fun activities, which is why Pepsi launched a booth in the festival area to engage the Gouna crowds and celebrities.

Another thing that was very exciting to look forward to is the exclusive can edition Pepsi will be launching for a limited time period as the GFF’s official sponsor.

These special cans came in various designs that surely rivaled all designs as well as portrayed the special vibe the GFF has.

Pepsi also displayed what the combo cup really does as it guaranteed help to the attendees with their snacks and Pepsi at the same time during cinema screenings.

The Rise of Captain Pepsi

This wasn’t all, in case you were wondering. Another surprise that Pepsi revealed during the red carpet was an elusive blue-clad man by the name of Captain Pepsi.

That mysterious person was assigned to dress up like this to engage with the celebs on the red carpet, doing things like offering a rose for the prettiest belle of the ball, as we all saw.

As always, Pepsi brings their A-game!