Perception of Love

Men and women belong to two different planets, and that’s a doubtless fact. Love aspect is one of the fields where those diversities are highly manifested. Here’s a list of 5 main disparities between men and women about the way in which they perceive love.

1- Emotional Needs

Each one of the two species tends to give what they want to receive, and not what the other one actually needs. Men like to feel appreciated, needed and trusted by their partners; they also require time off. Women, on the other hand, need to be understood, share feelings with their men and talk their problems out, feel cared for, supported emotionally and respected.

2- Self-express Skills

In general, women tend to be more expressive than men, especially when it comes to feelings. Women are better than men at openly expressing love in romantic relationships. This explains Eve’s crave to deeper interpersonal relationships than men. Women are more interested in people, feelings and relationships, while men are more caught up in practicalities and logic. It takes men longer to be able to express themselves verbally and emotionally; they will wait until they feel very secure in the relationship.

3- Actions Versus Words

Based on the previous point, men have a tendency to show their love through affectionate meaningful actions and initiating fun activities instead of using words. It doesn’t mean that guys are incapable of feeling love. But for a lot of guys, love is a big scary word that they often have a hard time saying out loud. Actions always speak louder than words. So ladies, pay less attention to what he is or isn’t saying and start focusing on what he is actually doing for you.

4- The Brain Evolution

Men have the mental ability to detach themselves and suspend their empathy as a mechanism to distress and face everyday challenges, whereas women’s brains have developed much more relational roles. This explains the fact that women need to connect more, seek support and talk-therapy to find solutions to their problems, while men on the other side would rather zone out and avoid sharing their problems. The key is to comprehend how your partner’s brain reacts to tension and cope with it.

5- Emotional Cycle

Like a stretched rubber band, men experience emotional cycles. The approaching, distancing themselves then approaching again defines men’s cycle of emotional closeness; their desire and attraction back to their partners are fuelled by emotional isolation. Unlikely, women seek sensing security about their relationship and their partners’ feelings; they need to be constantly reminded of their lovers’ passion. So as simple and hard as it sounds, don’t chase or criticize your men and they will snap back. And gentlemen, know how to reassure your women.


In the end, remember not only to share your thoughts with your significant other, but also to listen to them and learn to find a middle ground that satisfies both of you. Compromise is the portal, and communication is the pillar to happy healthy relationships.

  • Mohand Mahmoud

    Thanks for sharing us this article , it’s a great effort , but I think it’s not based on facts rather than a general stereotypical theories , recently there’s a phscological theory called attachment style which define our nature and intimacy level based on very early childhood , another factor is personality type